Tony Montognese Finishing

On Site Wood Finishing, Painting & Decoration

35 years of experience and dedication to genuine process and value.
Fine Painting, Classic finishing, Refinishing, Restoration, Faux, Reproductions, Special effects, Architectural and designer finishes, Plasters, Water-borne and eco-finishes, maintenance painting, and much more, including site managing all aspects of paint and finish on everything.

Our specialty
Classic Wood finishing
We like to use natural dyes and chemistry to color wood, which has its own chemistry already, alter it with Natural vegetable dyestuff, metal salts, acids, alkali, minerals.
Shift the chemistry and the deep, below the surface (instead of on top of) colors vary true to the natural variations from the tree’s life history.
This method produces the classiest, best aging, longest lasting, most original, most alive, beautiful, and valuable coloring possible. The feel, character and warmth is clear, clean and complex.
Unlike stains and dyes that can make wood Monochromatic, flat, lifeless, or generic. We use these products too, but carefully.
Un-compromised integrity to clients and their property, attention to detail, real principled method, quality and artistic aim.
Original one of a kind value is what we try to achieve with every project.

Tony Montognese